Pool Season Is Here! Are You Ready?

On June 7, 2016

Pool Season Is Here! Are You Ready?

It is now time to get your in-ground swimming pool ready for the summer. Pool owners are looking forward to having friends and family over for a cool dip in the pool. By following a few pool tips, you can keep swimmers healthy and your pool in good condition.

Hire a Pool Service. It is important to keep your pool’s equipment in top condition. The best thing to do is to hire an expert for an annual inspection before the start of pool season. The professional will check the filters, pumps, and heating system. The service call also includes looking for pipe leaks, strange sounds and smells, and holes in the linear. By hiring a pool service expert, you prevent small issues from becoming expensive repair jobs.

Clean the Pool Deck. Pool owners also need to clean the area surrounding the pool. By pressure washing or power washing the deck, you get it really clean. You need to sweep away debris and dirt from the deck before washing it. With the power wash you can clean away rust or weather stains that are on the pool deck. You will probably need to power wash the area a few times to really remove all the layers of dirt. You can rent a power washer from a local home improvement center.

Clean the Filter. The filter removes all impurities from the pool. Before pool season starts, you have to clean the filter every day until the water is clear and clean. After that, you need clean out the filter basket every week to get rid of debris.

Maintain Chemical Balance. One of the more important jobs of pool owners is to maintain the chemical levels of the pool. To prevent murky waters which irritate the eyes and skin, and breed bacteria, it is necessary to test the water every week. There are six chemical levels you need to test and you can easily do this by buying testing kits from a pool supply store. After you get the results, you need to make adjustments to the chemical levels.

Use Baking Soda. The pH level of the pool is crucial. Experts recommend using sodium bicarbonate for controlling the alkalinity in the pool water. One way to save money is to use baking soda instead of buying expensive sodium bicarbonate products designed solely for the pool. Baking soda can be used in the same way as sodium bicarbonate and the amount needed is the same.

Using simple pool tips can keep your pool clean for the pool season. For more information about the design, construction and rehabilitation of in-ground swimming pools, contact Envision Pools today.

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