Tips For Making Your Dream Pool A Reality

On January 10, 2016

Tips For Making Your Dream Pool A Reality

Your private swimming pool is surely your dream come true, as it is for many homeowners. It provides an abundance of pleasure as your friends and family enjoy the fun and benefits of gathering around your pool.

Even while enjoying the leisurely activities, pool owners are aware of the care and maintenance a pool needs. As the new year starts, no doubt one of your New Year’s Resolutions is making sure your private pool has all the attention it deserves. Following are several pool tips for making your pool New Year’s resolutions a reality.

Year-Round Maintenance:

Even though your inground pool will not be used during the winter, you are aware of the maintenance and care it needs all year. If during the pool season there were a few items that you felt were not quite perfect in connection with your pool, you now have the opportunity to make sure these concerns are corrected.

Post Reminders:

Once you have your new year calendar, it is a simple matter to look ahead and set a certain time to do pool maintenance, including cleaning and a thorough inspection to detemine if repairs are needed. Your are aware of how fast time flies, and having a set time to complete your tasks is a great way to make sure your pool New Year’s resolutions will not be broken.

Monthly Check-Ups:

Choose a day of the month to follow, and whether it is in the beginning, middle or end of the month, perform some task for your pool on that date each month. It is important, for instance, to check the pool cover every month to make sure it is still protecting the pool. Remove any leaves or debris and check that it is securely fastened.

Check the fence and gate, so that it is tightly closed and locked to prevent anyone accidentally getting into the pool area, including animals.

Professional Inspection:

When the spring weather arrives, you will begin to think of the day you can re-open your pool. Choose a date to have the pool professionally inspected and the water tested.

Having these dates written in advance right on your new calendar will take the guess work out of caring for your pool, and will ensure that your New Year’s resolutions concerning your pool are kept.

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